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Journey Through Time in Egg Harbor Township, NJ
(May be purchased for $30.)
This book focuses on the then and now through photographs. Each page features photos of what was located in a specific area of the Township in the past and contrasts it with a photo of what is located in that spot now.

The following two books were published in reaction to the Covid Pandemic of 2020 and recovery through 2021, featuring Egg Harbor Township residents’ response to lockdowns, quarantines, and illness. There is no charge for these books, but a donation is appreciated.

Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Student
Egg Harbor Township residents submitted thoughts and photos of how the pandemic was affecting their lives. Included in the book are trends affecting the whole nation from quarantine, to vaccines, to getting back to “normal.”

The Challenge of Covid-19
Multiple teachers in the school district asked students to submit an essay, artistic interpretation, and/or photographs of their reactions during the early months of the Covid-19 epidemic from 2020 into 2021.

Some Historic Buildings in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey” 
(May be purchased for $3.)
This booklet was created by Joan Berkley and published by the Greate Egg Harbour Township Historical Society in celebration of Egg Harbor Township’s Tercentennial (1710-2010). It features photographs and information about many of the earlier homes of Egg Harbor Township which belonged to the families that settled this area. Some of the buildings shown have stood for 200 years or longer, a tribute to those who erected them and played a major part of Egg Harbor Township’s history.