Research Library

Research Library

We have a wide range of resources in the library. Some of the highlights include: cemetery records; ancestorial records for early Egg Harbor Township families like Cobb/Ford, Barrett/Clark, Campbell, Steelman, Garwood and Tilton; Egg Harbor Township High School Yearbooks; random additional Atlantic County Yearbooks; Atlantic County/EHT deed books from the 1740s through 1924; South Jersey Magazine compilations from 1972-1987; birth and death records; and more. Contact us to learn about our resources. We accept additional books and information to add to the Resource Library.

The GEHTHS library is an ongoing endeavor to archive books, magazines, and other print media regarding Egg Harbor Township’s history. Relevant information on Atlantic County and New Jersey are also included in our collection.

Our Research Library volunteers are available to assist you in finding historical information about your family, home, etc when the library is open or by appointment. We greatly appreciate donations for this service to cover costs.

The library is open Tuesday 1pm-3pm or by appointment. 609-380-4524.

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Accessioning donated items 

The accession process starts with assigning a number that describes and tracks a donated item or document. Using a professional software system, volunteers document each item. Accessioned information includes date, condition, subject, size and often additional notes from our historian. The team acquires as much information as possible from the donor.

How we help trace Egg Harbor Township Family Histories

  • We ask what history they know about their family
  • What research have they done?
  • Do they have census material?
  • Have they been to
  • Have they gone to family cemeteries?
  • Do they have any maps?

Our Historian may be able to help by:

  • Sharing information that we have acquired in the research library.
  • Drawing on personal knowledge of members
  • This process can be time consuming. At this time, we do not ask for a fee, but a donation is always appreciated.

Accessioned items in the museum may help

  • When accessing items that are stored in the research library or museum, volunteers often add names that may be associated with the item or information.

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